Many people strive to get out of debt fast. It isn’t just about the amount of debt you have. In order to deal with your debt effectively, it helps if you understand the different types of debt. It isn’t complicated to learn as it’s just a simple task of differentiating the “good” from the “bad.”

Personal debt, also known as “bad debt,” is often the result of poor budgeting skills and lack of financial control. Getting a loan for items that will likely depreciate in value over time causes one to get caught in a web of “bad debt.” Borrowing money for a new car, furniture, gadgets, clothes, vacation and dining out are among the biggest culprits. These things offer short-term satisfaction and long-term suffering.

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Identity Theft is a serious criminal offense and you could be the next victim.

An identity thief uses someone else’s personal information to commit fraudulent activities. Your name, bank account numbers, health insurance and Social Security number are just some of the information at risk of being stolen.

Many victims have faced the grave repercussions of the crime. Some have caused them their jobs, been declined of loans and their credit and reputation severely damaged.

According to a recent identity theft study conducted by the Javelin Strategy & Research Center:

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It’s all over the news. In an effort to revive the weakened engines of many small businesses, primarily due to the recent recession and unusually tight credit standards imposed by banks and lenders, the US government makes way for a new proposal that will hopefully help small businesses to get back in shape, thus, be able to hire workers again.

Unemployment is still at its highest levels and this is one major factor why President Obama laid out his plan to give up to $5000 in tax credits to companies for every new employee they hire this year. Little or no access to credit at all was seen as the culprit why there is a major barrier in hiring.

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