In today’s world, having a good credit score is a prerequisite to everything related to financial stability and security. Your credit rating is important in so many facets of your adult life. It is only inevitable that you should strive to achieve a good credit score.

Why do I need to boost my credit score?

There are tons of answers to this question but the following two reasons alone will help you realize that a poor credit score restoration will literally and figuratively lead you to nowhere:

  1. With a low credit rating, you will not be able to buy a car, purchase or rent a home, get insurance or take out a loan of any kind because lenders are getting more conservative and more strict with their terms and conditions every day. They only lend to those who hold a concrete proof that they are capable of making payments. The ultimate evidence they consider is your credit score.

  2. Employers are also more careful in hiring new workers. They now screen each job applicant’s credit report and may base their decision to employ on this factor at their discretion.

By now, you are certainly convinced that a good credit score is one of the things you should possess in order to see yourself living a brighter future.

I have a poor credit score. Will I be in deep financial trouble for life?

The answer is a big NO. No, you do not have to bear the cross of poor credit for the rest of your life. In fact, there are guaranteed ways to improve and most importantly, boost your credit score.

Experian, Equifax and Trans Union are three major credit bureaus that report your credit information to lenders when necessary. The decision whether to grant you a loan or not largely depends on the credit bureau report.

A credit score ranges anywhere between 300 and 850. A score below 620 is considered poor while a score of 620 to 680 is fair and 680 to 720 is good. An excellent credit score is 720 or greater and this is what you should strive to achieve.

How can I improve and boost my credit score?

A Credit Advisor can guide you every step of the way. Improving and boosting your credit score is highly achievable once you find a reputable and legitimate financial firm.

Graceful Credit Solutions (GCS) is an established and leading financial firm that is located in Michigan. According to Graceful Credit Solutions’ founders, Ryan and Earl Carruthers, your credit score can go from “zero to hero” if you enroll under a tried and tested 90-day credit restoration program.

Yes, you got that right! 90 days is all it takes to restore your credit.

Removing Credit Blemishes

Expert Credit Advisors have the skills and experience to remove inaccurate, incomplete, unverifiable and/or out-of-date items on your credit report. These so-called blemishes, once eliminated, will definitely improve your credit file but this alone may not always boost your credit score.

What is fastest way to boost my credit score?

Aged Credit Lines

Aligning aged credit lines with your credit file is the surefire way to boost your credit score by as much as 80 points for each aged credit line. A Graceful Credit Advisor can help attach up to 20 years of positive payment history within 90 days.

With aged credit lines on your credit report, you will boost your credit score dramatically because they hit on all 5 determinants that dictate the fate of your score that yield guaranteed positive results.

The five determinants that make up 100% of your credit score and how aged credit lines complement each one of them are:

  1. Payment History – 35%
  2. Aged credit lines result in a positive payment history.

  3. Amount Owe on Credit – 30%
  4. Aged credit lines show a low debt to credit ratio on your credit report.

  5. Aged Payment History – 15%
  6. Aged credit lines give you long years of positive payment history.

  7. New Credit – 10%
  8. Aged credit lines benefit new credit approvals.

  9. Credit Mix – 10%
  10. Aged credit lines show your capability to manage a mix of credit.

What else do I need to know about Aged Credit Lines?

  1. Asking your Credit Advisor to attach aged credit lines to your credit file is definitely legal.

  2. You don’t have access to your aged credit lines. Their sole purpose is to give you the benefit of a positive payment history.

  3. All aged credit lines are are guaranteed to report back positive payment history to the major credit bureaus.

For more great credit tips and news tune in to The Graceful Credit Show live every Sunday at 3:00pm EST on WCHB News Talk AM 1200.

GCS representatives are experts in Personal Credit Restoration, Business Credit Lending, and Credit & Debt Counseling. GCS is committed to helping people reach their financial goals and dreams through trusted methods that guarantee results.

In order for GCS to get a jump start in helping you reach your goals visit, complete Quick Quote, and an experienced Credit Advisor will contact you during your scheduled consultation to better assist you.

Graceful Credit Solutions, Because He Has Been So Graceful To Us

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